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Friday, November 04, 2005 

What are friends for?

My friend Alex is moving this weekend and he has enlisted the help of all his mates, yours truly included. Why he did not get a bloody moving company beats the crap out to me. Let’s be honest, no-one likes to move furniture, unless you are getting paid for it. The sole reason for writing this post is to berate Alex, because I have already said yes, something I hate myself for doing, and I know he’s not going to read it. And even if he does read it, he is in need of our help and can’t really afford to piss off any one of us. I got my eye on you buddy! The Grinch’s father has a truck and we will be using that to move the furniture from the old place to the new. The only major problem is… Alex currently lives in a friggin flat on the godforsaken 7th floor! I mean come-on… can it get any worse than that? I remember the day we helped him move into his new flat. He had lot less furniture then, but at the time it felt like the hardest, toughest thing I ever had to do in my entire adult life. The lifts in his building are no good. They are way too small and it meant carrying gigantic pieces of heavy furniture up the stairs. Load after load.... after load. There were lots of cursing and swearing, bruises and scrapes and several dents appeared in what was up until then perfectly good furniture. All in all it was a miserable experience. Alex’s prized possession is a gigantic colonial bookshelf… something he picked up at an auction. It is the largest bookshelf, in my opinion, ever assembled in South Africa. It touches the ceiling for crying out loud! It belongs in an 18th century mansion! We are going to have to disassemble it, carry it down piece by piece and reassemble it on the other side. It would make a great bonfire, btw. People would be able to see it for miles around. Oh man, I am not cut out for manual labour. I’d much rather delegate and belt out instructions. Hehehe... The only thing to look forward to is the braai and the beer we were promised afterwards, but I am starting to think not even that is good enough. I want an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas. Anyway, let me check if my will is up to date, I may not live to see Monday.


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