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Friday, August 11, 2006 

The other side of Women's Day

  • She does the buying; I carry the packets… ALL OF THEM. Where is the justice?
  • How buying a new pair of shoes can have us going from one shop to another to find an OUTFIT that will go with the new shoes?
  • The unwavering commitment to shopping when she “claims” she has no money left in her account?
  • How she bought the new dress to look good for me, when I am quite content with whatever she wears, especially when it is nothing?
  • The proliferation of histrionics when we run into two (or more) of her friends. I back away slowly and pretend I do not know them… at all.
  • How many pairs will it take for her to have enough shoes?
  • How does a fruit like Kiwi become a colour?
  • Gold jewelry does not interest me, unless it is a bar of bullion or an Olympic gold medal.
  • I am not interested in Celine Dion’s latest musical endeavor… not ever!
  • R10.00 off does not count as a discount on an item you do NOT need. Or does it?
    • I am so whipped!!!

      Lucky lucky GF!
      And now she's got you in the kitchen ... whipped cream!

      Let me know when you make a Chitty button for your bloggy fans. ; )

      The Tart
      ; )

      Part of your post has been seperated and culled, all the better to share with the world.

      Tart: I like whipped cream... it has so many uses.
      Fence: Thanks... much apperciated.

      I disowned my half of the species a long time ago. Seriously, why do you guys put up with that crap? Is it really worth it?

      Moonflake: Unfortunately, the odds aren't in our favour. There are less of you than there are of women like my gf... he he. Gotta love them nonetheless!

      i love this one!

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