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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

And in the news...

It was with much anticipation that I, along with many more South Africans, awaited the outcome of the Shabir Shaik trail. Not only because I wanted to see justice done, but also to see what the implication would be for Deputy President Jacob Zuma, and therefore South Africa's political future. The controversy surrounding Zuma and the corrupt nature of his relationship with Shaik, the political implications it has for South Africa and the party itself is fast turning into a circus with the media and the ANC at the center of it all. For an ordinary Joe like me, one whose political savvy leaves a lot to be desired for, I am amazed at the lengths people will go to protect their own and to ensure that the status quo prevails. I dunno how innocent or guilty Zuma is, although the evidence seems to indicate that there is a helluva lot more to this than meets the eye. The burning question for me is : When Thabo steps down, is he, Zuma, fit to lead this country given the doubt his association with Shaik casts on his character, leadership and credibility. Or do these things not carry any weight when it comes to politics? I see that Thabo will soon come to a decision on what his plans for the embattled Zuma are. I'd say fry his ass and let him face the consequences of his actions. But it is never that simple, innit and I doubt my two cents carry any weight in this matter. Read more here… Mbeki: Zuma decision soon Zuma: Journalists threatened ANC: No briefing on Zuma Media kept away from Zuma Zuma lied to parliament – DA While on the weighty subject of frying: In an unrelated development... it seems that Health Minister Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang have been very busy of late. Fast food, and fried chips in particular, rate very high on the agenda of health issues facing South Africa. Now who says Manto does not have our best interests at heart. Pure fucking genius! Manto fries Nando's chips


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