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Monday, June 06, 2005 

Come on, be a sport... take one for the team!

Manic Monday and I am struggling to keep head above water. It is not through lack of competence or skill, but simply because when you are away issues pile up on your desk. Why? Well, I have it on good authority that some people prefer to be lazy prats. They prefer not to take responsibility for anything that is outside of their area of responsibility or particular skill set. It is so much easier to sit around, be ignorant and do absolutely nothing. Hell, I would do the same if I could, but then again the innocent bystander act has never really worked for me. It is also easier, and apparently a lot more fun, to pass the buck and blame the person who is not around (in this case me) for all the things that did not or could not happen in your absence. Sound familiar? I call it guilty by way of absenteeism. Now the funny thing is… your expertise or unique skills in the particular knowledge sector is not peculiar to you only and it does not take a genius to complete a particular task. Somebody else could happily have done what is needed. In fact, that is how any organization/business should run if it wants to remain competitive, stay ahead or at least keep up with the competition. Well, I am seemingly the only one that thinks along these lines. I have been reminded that I tend to overreact in any manner that befits the occasion. I think this is a nice way of telling me that I am dramatic… ha-ha, yeah right, I absolutely thrive on making a mountain out of a mole-heap and soap opera-like antics. Actually, I am offended… I prefer to be seen as a ruthless, cold-hearted and calculated sob. SOB's live longer and have lots more fun! Well... here’s to the “over-reactors” like me. (Vodka Martini raised high). May the rest all die a painful death at the next board meeting! Now that my friend, is what I would call dramatic. In the meantime, I will play along with the toddlers. Team sports are a charm, particularly when the odds are stacked and I know I am going to win! Putting it that way doesn't make much sense, especially when is one is expected to sacrifice all for the team. But there is an "I" in win and if today is anything to go by, I think that "I" may just be me.


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