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Thursday, June 02, 2005 

Petty rant brought on by flu meds and too much television

*WARNING: There are spoilers in this post! If you are a Lost fan, you may want to skip the latter part of this post.* Ok, so I am feeling much, much better and even contemplating going to work tomorrow… on a Friday no less! How'z that for d-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n! There is no logic to this thought is there? But then again, does it always make sense to do something simply because it is logical? Perhaps when one is a scientist or a world leader(?)… but if you are me, well then you never do the logical thing… it is far too blasé and boring. (aye, and that sounded so gay, but I think you get my drift!) One of the logical things I did while I was bedridden, was to watch episodes of ABC's Lost that I had previouly recorded on my vcr. MNET had seen fit to air Lost at the ungodly hour of 7pm on a Saturday evening when horny, beer drinking, fun loving individuals like myself (btw, my mate calls me a rampant penis… not very flattering is he? More so since I am in a relationship) will never be at home. I see they have also started to re-broadcast the entire series after the movie premiere on Sunday nights. So how popular is this series really? Apparently popular enough for a sci-fi dork like me to record it! Hehe. Anyway, while watching the episodes I had missed… one thing became abundantly clear to me; they are bloody stringing the audience (me?) along. What a bloody fake out! The producers of Lost need to wake up and shed light on the barrage of mysteries the have dumped on us. If not, this is going to become just another like X-files, Smallville, Alias, etc. We need answers dammit! The plot does not follow a straight path whereby all the loose ends are tied up and everything finally starts to make sense. Instead, it zigzags and trails off at so many angles, you need a notepad next to you to understand it. The makers of X-files had to bring out a movie version, supposedly to make sense of the tv series, and we all know what a balls-up that was! I know all the suspense, drama and mystery is supposed to makes us come back for more. But, fuggit, I can tell you now it is not working and I am seriously pissed off at the gall of the producers, thinking they can string audiences along for a few seasons. Anyway here are a few things that seriously grates my gruyere (and there are many more… hehe);

  • How is it possible that none of the survivors saw Locke boarding the plane in a wheelchair?
  • How the hell did he regain the use of his legs and start walking almost immediately? No physio needed, weakening of muscles… huh?
  • How did Charlie manage to get all those drugs on board the plain without being spotted?
  • What happened to the monster that could fell trees and make the earth shake? Am I to believe it was a wild boar?
  • What happened to the mystery ghosts and the voices in the forest?
  • How did Ethan manage to blend in so well when he supposedly had no contact with outsiders before?
  • Kate? What is the deal with her?
  • The freakin polar bear… on a tropical island?
  • What did Ethan want with Claire?
  • When Clair was abducted she was in labour. 2 weeks later, she's still pregnant!
  • The sinister prediction that the clairvoyant made about the baby – what’s the deal?
  • The plane took off from Australia. Why was Claire the only Aussie on board? Surely the majority of passengers would be Aussie nationals/natives?
  • The distress signal sent out by the French woman – how did she manage to keep the signal going for 16 years?
  • Talking about the French woman – where the hell is she now?
  • They keep saying, “We are not alone”. So, where the fuck are the others?
  • Why does Kim hide the fact that she can speak English from her husband?
  • Well, I am stopping here. The medication made me do it…hehehe! I am a little weird and realise that I may be taking the fun out of Lost for others reading this. Perhaps Bac & Teria caused permanent damage to my brain. Dammit... I am blogging about Lost… now if that is not a dead give-away. And here I wanted to come across as intellectual… ppffttt. So... ah... if you are a Lost fan – don't mind me, I am just a cranky little man.


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