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Friday, July 15, 2005 

Say it with a card

Browsing the web, I came across this article in the LA Times: Adulterers need cards too Having an affair? Maybe you'd like to send something from Cathy Gallagher's Secret Lover Collection of greeting cards. I am stumped. While we are at it, how about extending this into other segments of society? We could have cards for convicted felons, terrorists and all the other nasty people who share the planet with us.

    · Roses are red, Violets are blue, I bombed your country, now you feel pain too. · I knocked up your daughter. Look on the bright side, you will be young grandparents. · Happy tenth anniversary on death row! · Thank you for paying the ransom. It was our pleasure to have your daughter as our hostage. We may want to extend our hospitality to you again in the near future. · Honey, I did not mean to sleep with the secretary. She impaled herself on my member when she answered the telephone.
Rope… where the bloody rope?


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