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Monday, July 11, 2005 

There's a good guy in here, somewhere

Back from Durbz and not a bloody minute too soon. Oy… hehe... I could not handle the laid-back lifestyle anymore! I have to hand it to Durbz, though… awesome weather for the middle of winter. It really is the place to be when you hate the cold. Temps are in the mid 20’s all the time… yep, I could live there and procreate to my heart’s content. It is a pity though; the humidity in summer is almost unbearable. Sigh… can’t have it all, I suppose. Back home, it's work, work, work, and well… more work. Don’t you just love how some things remain constant no matter what. Where would we be without the status quo? The gf wants us to go to church more often and she came over with some enrolment forms on Sunday. And all of a sudden I felt a panic attack coming on. Perhaps she wants to settle down and get married… NOOOOOOO !!!! [add in slo-mo effect]. I bet Oprah has something to do with this. Now I am not the world’s most religious guy, and despite my good upbringing (yes I had one), I do not see the inside of a church regularly enough. But, I take my religion seriously. Without religion, what would I say when I cut my finger, suffer from a hangover, knock my head, or when I see the astronomically high costs incurred on my cell phone bill? And without giving away too much, who would we (and I mean all of us) call upon in that crucial moment when we have sex? You tell me…! I even think about religion when the gf or a friend or a family member talks to me about work and about the difficulties in their lives. Quietly I say to myself, “Thank God it is not me” and I say a silent prayer that they may run out of words or that lightening might struck them down. The problem is God hardly ever listens to me or perhaps he has a hearty laugh at my silly plans. I was particularly religious during Saturday’s rugby game when we got our asses kicked by the Aussies. At one point I considered becoming an atheist or an agnostic, because no God would have allowed the South African side to play the way they did in that game. Where is the legendary “smiting” when you really need it? Mostly I am religious when I am desperately in need of something or when I am caught in a situation that requires me to own up to something I did. These are the moments I pray to God to “get me out of here” or to “send me back in time so that I can fix what I did wrongly”. Yep, I am deeply religious… even if it is for the wrong reasons. I’ll be in church on Sunday. Why? Well even I’m not enough of a skeptic or that gullible to believe that life, all living creatures, the universe, George Bush and Tom Cruise could be the result of randomness or chaos.


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