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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Cigarette in the rain

There is no escaping the madness that is Christmas, is there? Even the bums/beggars who stand on the street corner have joined in the revelry by wearing all manner of Christmas decorations around there necks and their bodies. A bunch of walking, taking Christmas trees appealing to your humanity. The irony of the situation does not escape me and I am left to wonder what exactly I am to make of all of this. Which side of my humanity are they appealing to? Am I supposed to feel sorrier for them than I do on any other day? It does however bring a smile to my face and I guess in doing that they have achieved their objective, so I give them the change I have in my pocket. They will prolly use the money to buy cigarettes or alcohol. I am not about to fool myself into thinking that the money I had just given them is going to set in motion a miraculous turnaround in their fortune. Short term relief is all I could hope for... in whatever form. Isn't it funny (in a weird sense) however that a homeless person or charity worker would say to you, "God bless you," especially when you don't/can’t give them anything? What exactly is the deal with that? As if in that very moment they morally rise above you and reserve the right to bestow a blessing as if they forgive you for not doing the “right” thing. I usually look them right back in the eye and say, “God bless you too” Hell, there is nothing that gives them exclusive rights to bestowing blessings on others so I may as well get in on the action, right? Come to think of it, if I had it in with God, I would not go around at Christmas time blessing some asshole who is too stingy to spare me his loose change. Would you? Not to be selfish and smug, but I'd be sitting there saying, "God, I am but a humble beggar and You know that I usually ask You to bless those who do not give me anything, but could You find it in Your heart to let the fella, who just walked past me, come down with some annoying disease for the holiday season? Nothing serious, Lord, I’d settle for him getting a case of crabs or a spell of herpes. And while you are at it, Lord, could You please bless me too so that I do not have to wear these ridiculous decorations and hold this stupid paper cup?!" Yep, that would be me. And I’d feel a lot happier too knowing that there is a slim chance that perhaps my wish may be granted. Bah, humbug!

if I were in their shoes and was friends with god, i'd most likely ask him to help me and not beg or curse people...

loved your post!

I go from blog to blog to just read peoples stuff. you have a fantastic writing stlye, i now have a role model. thx

seriously, if you're homeless, and have no hope of not being homeless and are forced to beg to survive, why believe there's a god? or if you still believe in one, why wish his 'blessings' on others?

maybe that's it. hope that he will bring down everyone else.

Merry christmas! you know it's the festive season when the homeless are decorated! :)

Hey found your blog very amusing..thanks for the laugh's;)

Hey -- where'd you go, Chitty? Just thought I'd let you know that I have a new blog URL. Same old blog, though.

I found this post quite interesting. Generously introspective. It made me consider again a plan I have for the holidays. Thank you. I'll pop by again.

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