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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

Just another day at the office

Guy 1: Hey, have you heard that we now only have eight planets in our solar system. Guy 2: Yeah, that is because The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has recently revised the definition of what constitutes a ‘true’ planet. So although Pluto still technically remains in the planet category, it is now called a dwarf planet. Guy 1: I wonder if we are expected to know the names of the new dwarf planets? Guy 2: Why do you ask? Are you planning on going back to school and rewriting your *matric exam?

I guess that settled that argument... or not! Ha ha. [matric = South African High School Diploma]

you are an evil, evil man. I like it.

My question is, we all have encountered some mnemonic used to teach children the nine planets - now we need a new one. Suggestions?

Moonflake. How about this.. My Very Enterprising Chinese Maid makes Jambalaya Soup from Unripened Naartjie Pips and Contraband Xenon gas.
I actually did a short course in Astronomy in my 2nd year at varsity ( and I was a Commerce major!).
I wonder if my degree is still valid... he he?

yeah, that might have worked if the IAU had gone in the pluton direction. But now you only have MVEMJSUN to work with. Nice try.

At which university did you do this 2nd year astronomy course?

I studied at UCT. The course I did was an introuctory course at first year level.
I enjoyed the pracs most, especially the observation evenings. Also there was a girl in my class I really liked... which made it all the more special.

UCT...then you were probably lectured by Tony Farrell? I never actually took the 1st year course - for some reason it wasn't offered in my first year.

I ask about the 2nd year course because i took that course in '01 (when Don Kurtz was giving it) and then lectured it in '04 and '05 :)

Yep, Farrell was my lecturer. What I remember most about him is his sense of humour.
Is he still around?

AFAIK... still around, still punning with the best of them. Granted I haven't had any contact with them since i graduated last year. Farrell is the only one I actually feel like I let down by leaving astronomy for good.

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