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Friday, August 25, 2006 

Live by your mistakes

My parents are selling their house and will soon move into an apartment in a townhouse complex. Needless to say, they need to rid themselves of a shitlooad of possessions they have stockpiled over the years. When I was over there the other day, they suggested that I poke around my “old room” and take with me a few things from my childhood. The room still contained some of my things they had brought with them when we moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg… some of them still in boxes. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane and reliving the good times! The place was a veritable library of the early years of my existence. I was “locked” in there for hours. While paging through a box of old magazines from the 90’s, I came across a full-page print ad for Cuervo Gold Tequila. Ha ha. It was obviously geared at linking Cuervo to some of the silly, if not memorable, experiences people have as they grow up. Perhaps it was a collection of the marketer’s own experiences? 17 MISTAKES YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE.

  1. Your girlfriend’s Mum for your GIRLFRIEND
  2. PUTTING your money where your mouth is
  3. Snubbed the offer of scoring at home to SEE THE BOYS scoring away
  4. Ordered ANY old spirit when you should have ordered by the BRAND (in this case prolly Cuervo Gold Tequila?)
  5. Wearing a SOCK down your pants
  6. STIRRED someone else’s porridge
  7. Given yourself a LOVEBITE with a hoover
  8. Being CAUGHT OUT when you’re IN
  9. SHAVED your genitals
  10. Thinking you could sing my way YOUR WAY
  11. Lost a months wages on a SINGLE HAND
  12. Going with THE FLOW
  13. Resigning from a job before having conformation from the new one
  14. Showing yours first
  15. Jumping on the BAND WAGON
  16. Telling the boss what you REALLY think of him at the Christmas party
  17. Telling the TRUTH

What struck me most about the ad was how easily I could write my name next to 14(!) of the 17 listed mistakes… and if I tried, I could probably add 17 more. And not all of them could be blamed on too much alcohol (Ouch!). One more tequila? You betcha!

amazing! I shudder to imagine myself in any of those 17 situation! stumbled onto your blog from a friend's and got reading..

sanat: Thanks for stopping by. I hope it was worth following the link?
Trust me when I say there are many guys out there who had, and stll make these 17 mistakes.

Okay, some of these are believable in a sick kind of way. But who the hell would give themselves a love bite with a vacuum cleaner? Why? Love bites are horrible.

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