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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Singing the office blues?

Two weeks since I left my previous job and one week into my new job. I can’t help but feel somewhat disconnected from the outside world. Meetings, meetings… meetings. In the last 4 days I have attended more meetings and have met more people than I care to remember and it leaves me somewhat numb. All the names and the faces seem to have merged into a big blob. Starting a new job in December is prolly the worst thing anyone can attempt to do and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Everybody else is closing down while you are starting up and you feel out of sync with the rest of the world. It is an unnatural state of affairs and your entire being rebels against what you are trying to achieve. It is a time when one’s brain shuts down and you are almost incapable of mustering up the energy to start something new. All you can think about is taking time off to relax, taking a well deserved break and getting away from all the stresses and strains that signify work. Try as you may… you cannot dupe your mind into thinking differently. The big hunt for office space and setting up new offices are in full swing and my days are filled to capacity. It feels like every estate agent in the city of Johannesburg is working for me at the moment. It is a wonder I find the time to blog this entry at all. But it is onward little soldier and hopefully everything will be up and running come January 2006. I prolly won’t have much of a holiday, which in itself is not so bad. Working from home is however a big schlep and mentally I would prefer going to an office in the morning and doing my work from there. All of the things one usually takes for granted and makes for the smooth running of an office have become major obstacles to me. Sending and receiving faxes, telephone calls, e-mail, etc… all of the things one would normally not give a second thought to. The few days I had to myself prior to starting, seems like another life time and although I got a lot done and had loads of fun doing things I normally do not get the time to do, it already seems like I am due for more “me” time. When I close my eyes, I can see Cape Town’s sun-drenched beaches and lots of skimpily dressed women… sipping pina coladas and giving me the eye. [Uhm… Ah yeah… adjust your pants and dream on, chitty] On the upside, everybody is really supportive and has helped out where they can. The gf has become my part-time office assistant and I will prolly have to marry the woman at the end of this in order to make it up to her. Hahha… somehow I do not think she will think it very romantic of me. Having said all that, I am very excited about the job and the new prospects and I cannot wait for things to get going. Patience, little man! There are exciting times ahead and the little I was exposed to in this short period of time has only made me hunger for more. I have big plans and ideas of my own and I only hope that the business is ready for what I plan to do next year. Let the good time roll, baby! The Chitser’s been set loose and there is a whole new “world” to conquer and enslave. So many new kids to play with… so little time.

Congrats. Sounds chaotic, but also seems like you maybe loving every minute of it.

This sounds cool. Sounds like a great job you've pinned down. Are you sure you are rewarding your gf for her help by marrying her? (jking. It sounds like you're set, so all that remains is too wish you luck on this new escapade of yours. So, luck!

Spyder: It is bittersweet. Once I decide o the office space, things wiil look a whole lot better.
Blackcrag: It is a great job and I real can't wait to get stuck in, hence the frustration at my inablity to find the right office space.
As for marrying the gf as a reward, it will NOT go down well with her.

i relate. i hear you. why we choose to make such life-changing decisions at this time of the year, i will never know. but congrats, and good luck. u sure sound stoked and full of spark :-)

congratulations on the new job!! :)

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